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Reducing Rheumatic Fever and Controlling Rheumatic Heart Disease in Pacific Island Nations

Analysis of mortality trends for rheumatic heart disease and rheumatic fever in Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians

Project Description

Indigenous identification in death registrations is of high quality in the NT from 1977 and in four other states (New South Wales, Queensland, Western Australia and South Australia) from 1997. These five jurisdictions include 84% of Indigenous Australians.

Using national cause of death and population data, we investigated RHD mortality for the NT for 1977- 2005 and five jurisdictions combined (providing semi-national statistics) for 1997-2005, examining (for RHD as the underlying cause of death):

  • number of deaths;
  • age-specific and age-adjusted death rates; and
  • for the NT only, regression analysis of time trends over a 29-year period.

All analysis was by undertaken by Indigenous status, gender, age at death and (for the NT only) year of death. We also compared the NT to the other four states. 

Project Objectives

To provide semi-national Indigenous mortality rates from RHD in Australia


Samantha Colquhoun, Project Manager 


Chief Investigators: S Colquhoun, J Condon, J Carapetis, S Li, S Guthridge

Funders: N/A

Dates: 2011 -2013

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